About Faculty of Architecture

Architecture faculty at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is largest institution of higher education in field of Architecture in Lithuania. It provides all levels of profesional studies: undergraduate (Bachelor), graduate (Master) and postgraduate (Doctoral). Over 500 students of all levels are studying in the school nowdays. 

Many of our academic staff members are leading authorities in their field. Faculty consists of 57 lecturers, including10 professors and 32 associated professors. Aproximatelly 85-100 preselected are beeing enroled for the bachelor evel students and 50 master students are graduating every year.  Bachelor studies last 4 years ( contains 240 ECTS credits), master studies 2 years (120 ECTS). At a moment curriculum is being taught in english language on bachelor level.

85-100 presellected students are being accepted to study architecture at  bachelor level and around 50 at master level each year. 4 years of bachelor level are being finallized defending diploma of Bachelor of Architecture and obtaining professional qualification of architect. Several specializations are available on master level: Architecture of Buildings, Urban Planning, Urban Design,  Renovation of Buildings, as well as separate program of History and theory of Architecture (Humanitarian Sciences).

Architecture faculty has passed international accreditation of the architecture study programs in 2008 m. The Audit was iniciated by national center of for assurance of the quality of studies.  The architecture programs were reviewed by the international expert group headed by the vice president of Open Greece University and president of the agency for assurance of higer education in Greece,  professor of architecture Spyros Amourgis.

National center for quality assurance of studies granted unconditional accreditation of study programs of the Architecture faculty of VGTU following recommendations of the group of experts.

Postponed review of winter semester works

 Attention International students of Architecture faculty!


Postponed review of winter semester projects, composition and art works will take place on 4th of February, 2014 at 16.30, studios 3.17-3.20